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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Parkinson's UK & The National Garden Scheme Cycle Tour

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Location(s): Hengoed to Bridgend
Event Date: Sunday 28 May 2017
Distance: 63 miles
Travel Time: 10 - 12 hours
Ride Level: Advanced+

Slade; Southerndown, Glamorgan

In order to promote Parkinson's UK and The National Garden Scheme we're leading a one-day cycle tour visiting six unique gardens across the county of Glamorgan.

The overall trip will involve meeting each garden owner(s) along our route for approximately 15 minutes. We will need to take a few group photos and then (hopefully) we can squeeze in a quick tour, as well as have a bit of tea and cake. Then we're off to the next garden!

Note: Everyone should bring plenty of snacks and drinks for use along the road. Also be prepared for rain; waterproofs are highly recommended - this is Wales of course.

You may select a particular section to view in detail.

It's a very tight schedule as you can see below. The ride itself is not terribly difficult, but the day will be long. However; if you desire to join us for only part of the journey, we pass multiple trains stations along the route. Partial rides are very welcome.


1. Pontygwaith Farm
Edwardsville, Glamorgan, CF46 5PD
☞  View website

Arrival Time: 9:00
Departure Time: 9:15

2. The Cottage
Cwmpennar, Mountain Ash, Glamorgan, CF45 4DB
☞  View website

Arrival Time: 10:15
Departure Time: 10:30

3. The Old Post Office
Main Road, Gwaelod-Y-Garth, Glamorgan, CF15 9HJ
☞  View website

Arrival Time: 12:15
Departure Time: 12:30

4. 28 Maes y Nant
Creigiau, Glamorgan, CF15 9EJ
☞  View website

Arrival Time: 13:15
** Departure Time: 13:45 (rest stop...)

5. Bryn-y-Ddafad
Welsh St Donats, Cowbridge, Glamorgan, CF71 7ST
☞  View website

Arrival Time: 14:30
Departure Time: 14:45

6. Slade
Southerndown, Glamorgan, CF32 0RP
☞  View website

Arrival Time: 16:15
** Departure Time: 17:00 (rest stop...)

Bridgend Train Station
Arrival Time: 17:45
- Returning to Hengoed Train Station via Cardiff Central
Train Departure Time(s): 17:23 - 18:42, 19:23 - 20:42, 20:28 - 21:52
(Note: I caught an 18:59 train to Cardiff; which is not listed online?...)

And that's about it. We'll cycle back to Bridgend through Ogmore by the Sea, catch the train to Cardiff, transfer to the Rhymney Line and head back to Hengoed.

If anyone has further questions, just drop me a note: muse kidd | bike wales

Cheers! Curtis Fields


☞  Read how Parkinson's UK and the National Garden Scheme are working together, click here.

☞  To find a garden within the National Garden Scheme near you, click here.

All participants cycle at their own risk. For further details please read: About: bike wales

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